Lemon Cow Inspired Pop Grip/ Popsocket

Lemon Cow Inspired Pop Grip/ Popsocket

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This custom hand painted pop features an adorable lemon cow head.

These items are all handmade to order.
Email or message me for updates/questions.

**WARNING: Small chokable parts.**
*All Pop are made with a solid plastic shape.

-All Pop Sockets are the new swappable design that seperates from the base. The base stays adhered to the phone/case.
-Pop Socket pops, tilts, prop, collapse, grip
-Easily collapsible and can be repositioned and popped multiple times
-Allows your hand to relax while securely holding your phone
-Great for propping phone
-Remove your Pop Socket by pulling slowly on the base; you can re-position and reattach time and time again.
-Item is NOT waterproof but IS water resistant